Indonesian entertainment Industry especially the movie industry is and has been growing stronger in the last decades. Some of Indonesian produce films have broken through even the Hollywood market and even presented in Canes film festival. However, there are only few that make its mark in the international market while the remaining are though still popular but is very regional and most of them within a circle of Indonesian community.

Indonesian film Industry have spread their reach further by presenting Indonesian films to a broader market in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei at the least. However, the presence of Indonesian film in the Western Countries (Including Australia) is still very limited to the means stated above. Mostly only on the Indonesian community circle and mostly on an events based only.

We at Bioskop see an opportunity to bring Indonesian film as one of the banner of our culture to the broader audience in Australia, which is one of the prominent Western Country with a strong presence in movie industry. We see the opportunity to bring the popularity of Indonesian film to be at the least in par with the popularity of East Asian cinema (Korean and Japanese) and Indian Cinema (Bollywood) that have leave their mark stronger in the International market. We at Bioskop see that this opportunity can be achieved, begin by working in partnership with the prominent film studios and producer in Indonesia.

This year, 2016, we want to reach back into our roots by conducting events that promote Indonesian cultural and strengthen the bond between Australians and Indonesian. Bioskop, utilizing resources and experience from the OSC’s acquired Well Done group and also HOYTS Cinema, one of the major movie theatre in Australia are establishing a quarterly Indonesian movie screening that will be take place in the major movie theatre in Australia.

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