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Here are some of the highlights from the screening of {Rudy Habibie} at HOYTS Melbourne Central Sunday 9th October 2016.

Melbournian were packed at the entrance of XTREME cinema to line up for {Rudy Habibie}. The Soft Lauch started with a few words from Ramanda Kamarga as the CEO of Bioskop Australia, Mr Harry Mirpuri as a representative from MD Pictures and the guest of honour from KJRI Melbourne Ibu Dewi Wahab, The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia for Victoria and Tasmania.

After the movie finished, the audience came out with mix feelings. Some with tears on their eyes. Some came out with a pledge on their heart to do something good for their beloved country. Some said will call their parents back home in Indonesia. {Rudy Habibie} indeed a beautiful movie with deep messages which give a positive impacts to all those who watched. A perfect movie to start the journey of Bioskop Australia.

Thank you Melbourne, we'll see you again on another Indonesian Box Office movies at your favourite cinemas!! #nobarYuk #banggaKaryaAnakBangsa #dukungFilmIndonesia